Pre Wedding Photo Shoot


Pre-Wedding and Engagement Shoot


Any photographer with a decent camera and good light will get good pictures of you.

To get great pictures of you on your wedding day why not have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot?

If you have confirmed me as your wedding photographer then this extra photo-shoot is free and comes with a 12 x 10 or 10 x 8 framed photo as a memento.

You will also have access to an engagement gallery where you can purchase additional prints or have them as downloads, at low cost.

It’s a great way to get to know your photographer and get any pre-wedding photo nerves out of the way.

If there’s a particular idea you have in mind for your wedding photos then this also doubles as a pre-wedding chat.

It’s a totally informal photo session where the couple will be photographed while out on a romantic walk, perhaps on a stroll by a river or being playful in a local swing park, it could be a visit to a place close by that has special meaning for the couple, but whatever location is chosen it’s another opportunity to capture a few special moments on photo and also get an idea of how your photographer may want to pose you etc.

If you have not confirmed me as your wedding photographer but would like the opportunity of a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, this offer is also open to you.

For a one hour photo session from which you will receive a framed portrait photo sized at 12 x 10 or 10 x 8 and a selection of photos in your online gallery the price is £65

Because I tend to do these shoots in places where photography generally may not be allowed or where there are the chances of objections being made by estate or property owners or their management companies, I have a few 'go to' places where I have already sought prior agreement to do these shoots on what is otherwise private grounds and on a no fee basis. The trade off for being allowed to do this for free is that on occasion any one venue may ask for some photos in order to run a promotion of their own, for instance if they are having a Valentines weekend meals offer or discounted accomodation offers etc they may ask for some nicely posed couples pictures to use in their flyer or website. At no time will any engagement shoot images be sold onto any third party and images will be given with conditions of use attached to them which are explained in the model release. Please have a look at the Model Release document in the drop down menu on the home page or click here. This document forms a contract between me and the couples and any models that I may ask to use in a shoot and basically states that these shoots are done on a non-monetary basis, with the only payment being the end product images as described in that document. Anyone wanting to have the free pre-wedding set will be required to print out and sign or download and email a confirmation that they agree to the dtails withn the release form. This is the only way I can incorporate these shoots as a free product.