Guide to choosing image size

Selecting your images size for purchase

Selecting images for purchase couldn’t be simpler but there are some things you should consider when choosing the size.

The frame size that the image will be placed in and whether or not it has a mount and also important is the aspect ratio but the last part we’ll leave off in this section, for a more detailed explanation check out the Cropping and Resizing page


A mount is a cardboard border that fits inside your frame, they come in various widths but for this example we’ll pretend it’s a mount with a 1 inch width that came with the 12 x 10 inch frame you just bought.


When selecting an image for the frame and mount set-up noted above you have two options.


First is to buy the image in the same proportions as your frame, in this case 12 x 10 and when it’s delivered it will fit snugly into your frame.

All images below are for demonstration purpose only and are not scaled to exact dimensions


If you also have the mount in the frame then you’re going to lose an inch of the photo from each side and from the top and bottom as this will be hidden behind the mount. Effectively you’ll only be able to view a 10 x 8 section of the photo you bought.



For that scenario you would choose not to have the mount in the photo frame and you’ll see the whole image.


If you really like the effect of having your photos in the frame with the mount in place then you should choose the size according to the dimensions of your mount.


So, a 12 x 10 frame with a 1 inch mount should see you choose an image size of 10 x 8 and when placed into the frame with mount it means the whole photo will be visible.



You may need to crop the image, to see instruction on that go to the Cropping page