Other Pet Services

While Dog Walkers cater for those that have to be out of the house for longer periods it shouldn't be forgotten that the services offered are not only for those out at work

Some clients have benifitted from the services when they were unable to do their own dog walking because of injury or ilness and using a trusted local walking service while the client concentrates on getting better can be the difference between your pet getting a good walk every day or being stuck indoors.


East Lothian - For you're dogs grooming and walking needs why not contact Becky at Beckys Pet Services website where you can arrange for your pets walking or grooming to be taken care of while you're not able to be there.Becky is Musselburgh based but operates throughout East Lothian.

Becky can also assist you in training your pet at classes operated in Portobello. Here is Becky's Facebook page 


Midlothian - There's a popular dog walking service in Midlothian called Little Pawz where married couple Claire and Stuart will be only too happy to take the lead and get your dog out for their walk while you're working, or for any other reason.

This business has now been up and running for well over three years

Contact the Claire via the Little Pawz website or through their Facebook page


Scottish Borders - If you live in the Peebles area and could use the services of a friendly dog walker, contact Victoria at Peebles Pooch Patrol and you're dog could be walking in the countryside and hills that surround Peebles.

These walks can go a long way to keeping your dog fit and healthy. Victoria also operates a Facebook page and can be contacted there as well

The services above have their prices, terms and conditions available through their own web pages and Facebook site and all are fully insured


other pet services can be found here http://www.petslocally.co.uk/